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Old News

    New Beginning -Karis Thursday, June 4, 1998 at 4:19pm EST
    Welp, with the new move, feels like the site just re-opened. I want to supply everyone with want they want, so I'll need your feedback. Please take some time and leave comments in my guestbook along with suggestions you would like on the site. Remember, I go through all of them so your message will be heard.

    Movin' On Up! (sorta) -Karis Thursday, June 4, 1998 at 11:21am EST
    I just checked out Tripod, another free hosting service, and there like 100 times better then Geocities! They give more space, sub-directories (Personal Fav), SHORTER URL (WOOOO!), but one draw back is it is a little slower. But that's probaly because everyone knows it better and joined them =] So in a couple days, I'm moving Lacey Online over to Tripod, and my new URL will be!

    After the move is done, I'll leave a message here telling we've moved.

    Our Chatroom Is Online! -Karis Wendnesday, June 3, 1998 at 7:34pm EST
    A special thanks to TType84, Lacey Online now has a chatroom on mIRC. It's called #laceychat, on DALnet. If you don't have mIRC, get it now!

    First Interview Is Up! -Karis Wendnesday, June 3, 1998 at 3:06pm EST
    Starting to get a little dizzy, 5 straight hours of HTML, ARGH! Anyways, it pays off, I present to you the interviews section! And kicking off this opening, I have the PEOPLE'S CHAT/Yahoo Chat with Lacey Chabert, check it out and enjoy =]

    More Pictures! -Karis Wendnesday, June 3, 1998 at 10:34am EST
    The multimedia page began to look a little empty, so I shoved in there 7 more pictures, enjoy.

    FAQ Done -Karis Tuesday, June 2, 1998 at 10:49pm EST
    I've assembled the Faq, covering most questions I can think of right now. If you have any ideas for an addition to the Faq, email suggestions to

    Little Help Please -Karis Tuesday, June 2, 1998 at 4:45pm EST
    As this site get's bigger and bigger, I sometimes forget or leave out some codes(tags), and that's where broken links and images start popping up. If you ever encounter something wrong with the site, please email at and let me know where the problem is. Thanks, this will help alot!

    One More Section Up! -Karis Tuesday, June 2, 1998 at 4:20pm EST
    Just got done making the Articles section, along with one article so it isn't empty. After the rest of the site gets some content put into it, I'll go back through all the sections and add more stuff.

    Multimedia Section Open -Karis Monday, June 1, 1998 at 9:14pm EST
    It's kinda bare, but there's a picture or two in there. I just wanted to get it out of the way, it's a lot easier on me. Sooner or later, I'm going to add more pictures, movies (If space allows), and sounds to the Multimedia section. Once again, enjoy.

    Bio Section Done! -Karis Monday, June 1, 1998 at 8:28pm EST
    After much pai... After much delight, I've finished the Bio section of my humble home(page). Check it out and read up on Lacey's past, and keep checkin' back for more stuff at Lacey Online!

    Coming Soon... -Karis Saturday, May 30, 1998 at 8:49pm EST
    Sorry, not much in the typing mood, this news update used to have a nice big paragraph. BUT I DELETED IT LIKE AN IDIOT! Anyways, enjoy what's here on the site right now and don't forget to check back for more stuff.


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