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    Lacey Online is... Online! -Jtbrack (aka Karis) Sunday, May 14, 2000 at 11:01pm EST
    Lacey Online was one of my earliest website experiments back in 1998. After a few months of growing, I closed Lacey Online to pursue other interest in web design. Recently, I went through my harddrive and found a copy of the Lacey Online site buried away. Call it nostalgia or whatever you want, but looking at the old site perked some interest back into the old girl. So, two years later, Lacey Online is now semi-officially back open. All the content that was previously on the site still remains (What little there is). Here's my current agenda for the site:

    1. Clean up the site
    2. Leave the Tripod server
    3. Re-Design the current layout

    and for steps 4-25...

    Add LOADS of content.

    Wish me luck and let me know you came by the site by signing the guestbook. I'm interested in seeing how much exposure this site still recieves.

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  • 7 more pictures have been added to the multimedia page!
  • Multimedia and Articles sections are now up!
  • The Bio section is online.
  • Added the PEOPLE ONLINE article on Lacey Chabert in "Lost in Space", click here.
  • Find a broken link or image? Please let me know by emailing me at


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